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“Key, Door, Door, Key. Just Like That!” was created by Derek Mayne for the Mausritter Megadungeon Mayhem of May game jam https://itch.io/jam/mausritter-megadungeon-mayhem-of-may

This is a three room mini-dungeon based around the ancient home of craft-mouse Tommy the Master Cooper (barrel maker) and some time stage magician. Long gone and forgotten, no-one knows what happened to Tommy the Cooper. Some say that he got bored of making barrels and just got up and left, others say that he stumbled across real magic and accidentally made himself disappear!  Either way his legendary workshop and rooms are yours to discover.


KDDK-Just_Like_That.pdf 3 MB
KDDK-Just_Like_That (2 page spread).pdf 1.7 MB

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