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Rawdeal is an simple core RPG system that came about by accident. A quiet holiday sitting playing with a pack of cards and reading a fantasy novel. I didn’t have any game books with me and no dice, but I really wanted to generate some characters based the novel, and well one thing led to another. The result was the Rawdeal system. 

It's been available as a free download on miskatonic.co.uk for some time and has clocked up enough interest that I thought I'd make it more widely available.  It was a fun project for me to create - I hope it will be a bit of fun for you too.

Characters are defined by four basic attributes each linked to a card suit and instead of rolling dice you cut a pack of cards.

Have fun.

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AuthorFearful Imagination


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This is the Rawdeal RPG System book - it is presented as a generic RPG system for use in whatever genre setting you choose.

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