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The market town of Steelhanger is a welcoming spectacle. Surrounded by a fine stone wall which marks the boundary and with elegant towers over the three gatehouses. Smartly uniformed town guardsmen cheerily enquire as to your business in town and offer directions and helpful information; places to stay, where to eat, directions to the market and so on.

The towns houses are of an old style, grand and well kept many have neat little gardens or flower boxes in front of them, the streets leading to the market place are strung with bunting. The place feels cheery, lighthearted and hopeful.

The marketplace itself bustles, the calls of the various sellers assault your ears and the smell of street food grabs your attention, making your mouth water. A large building, pointed out as the Mayors office, bears the inscription: “Steelhanger: For The Greater Good”. 

Steelhanger was created to be a place that characters could return to between their expeditions, the market especially is meant to be somewhere that they should be able to equip themselves, sell their own wares and to prepare for whatever adventure they are about to embark upon. A base of operation for new adventurers before they establish their own place in the world. For these reasons Steelhanger is an ideal start point for new adventurers. 

But Steelhanger has a problem; it is ruled by a weak elder and with no heir and a rebellious older daughter there is a power struggle emerging... 

This setting was originally conceived for use with the Forbidden Lands RPG. It has since been modified to be suitable for use as a generic setting for any fantasy RPG. 


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