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This is an artefact for Mörk Borg, it was loosely inspired by the true story of a a Jacobite piper, James Reid, who played on the field at the battle of Culloden.  After the defeat he  was arrested, tried and executed for treason against the crown.  To my knowledge he was the only piper to suffer this fate, many others were deported for their part in the uprising.  What made piper Reid's case exceptional was his defence which was that he was a non-combatant, carrying no sword or rifle, just his bagpipes.  The judges ruled that; “a Highland regiment never marched without a piper; and therefore his bagpipe, in the eye of the law, was an instrument of war.”  It may seem crazy but this ruling that bagpipes were "weapons" was still in force until 1996 when another court ruled that they were "first and foremost musical instruments".

Anyway, I hope you have fun with my Weapon of Mass Destruction.



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