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A set of 16 improvised weapons with statistics on handy cards, for use in your game of Savage Worlds and perfect for defending yourself against that Zombie horde. 

All the weapons stats your players need, always in one convenient place.

When the hordes are on your heels and you find yourself with nowhere else to run then it is time to find something to defend yourself with. How about that fire axe? What about the extinguisher? Or how about a kitchen full of knives or maybe there is something in that tool bag? Whatever you decide there is no time to be scribbling down weapons stats; “there’s zombies to be killing...”

No more crossing out old weapons on your character sheet. You can easily trade your weapons with other players. The cards are quick and easy to reference during combat.

Each card records the vital statistics for a specific weapon; Range, Damage, Rate Of Fire, Minimum Strength, Weight, Shot Capacity, AP and other notes.

This pack provides sixteen different improvised weapons, all the gear you can pick up in a hurry to defend yourself against the shambling undead. Includes tools, kitchenalia, everyday items and of course everyone’s favorite the petrol chainsaw.

In addition you will find a page of blank cards to record your own stats and a print and fold tuck box in which to keep your cards. 


Zombie Defence Deck 26 MB

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